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The Demon Storm

Elle stood on the edge of the cliff while the Demon Storm raged around her and as Hell Fire ripped the night sky to shreds, she knew her life was forfeit. Unasked and unwanted, the Councils words over took the … Continue reading

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The Hunt

October is well underway, which makes me all sorts of warm and tingly. The Hunt is gearing up, the veil is coming down and the world is even more crowded than ever before. I love the way the air thrums … Continue reading

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Just what is the Paranormal?

 I’ve asked myself that question so many times and I still don’t have a definitive answer. Are the Paranormal those things that can’t be explained away, like hauntings and apparitions? Are the Paranormal those things with evidence to back them … Continue reading

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13 Types of Paranormal Creatures

My newest WIP deals intimately with all things paranormal, from the lively sport of Rugging (think skateboarding up in the air on doormats) to living stone gargoyles that pepper the sky and always have some history to tell. And of … Continue reading

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The Business Of Publishing- A Writers Take

Writing a killer novel is just a tiny facet of the whole shinny deal, the rest is work, and the hardest part happens before you even land that book deal.   How do I know? I’ve spent hours researching the … Continue reading

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When Dreams Grow Wings

It’s Friday and I have no idea what words to spread across the pages. So, I’ll re-post something that I really enjoy. Simply because I can. Dreams keep the spark alive in all that we do.  They put a little … Continue reading

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7 Reasons I’m Jealous of a 3 Year Old

Not a day goes by when I’m not insanely proud of my daughter. Yes, that includes all the times when she ignores me, disobeys me, irritates me, frustrates me and makes me want to run away to a dark corner … Continue reading

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