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The Demon Storm

Elle stood on the edge of the cliff while the Demon Storm raged around her and as Hell Fire ripped the night sky to shreds, she knew her life was forfeit. Unasked and unwanted, the Councils words over took the … Continue reading

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Empowered In Black

Nancy huddled deeper into her hoodie and stared out her window. A brisk morning breeze blew dead leave across the gravel road and she could hear the crisp rasp they made even through the glass. Another shiver rolled down her … Continue reading

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A New Week and Lots To Do

The start of another week is upon us and I look forward to a productive one. Since Monday is the traditional start of the week I thought it only fitting that I put up my goals for the week. As I’ve … Continue reading

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Fiction Friday

Good afternoon my all-knowing readers! I have a special treat for you today, one I hope will thrill you and move you to tears. I’ve been sitting on a short story of mine for a while now debating whether or … Continue reading

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