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Tis the Season

Nothing brings out the kid in me like Halloween. The thrill of spooks and sweets, the rich earthy scent of decay, the savory hints of spice and onion, all these remind me of childhood. We get to dress up and … Continue reading

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Just what is the Paranormal?

 I’ve asked myself that question so many times and I still don’t have a definitive answer. Are the Paranormal those things that can’t be explained away, like hauntings and apparitions? Are the Paranormal those things with evidence to back them … Continue reading

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The Business Of Publishing- A Writers Take

Writing a killer novel is just a tiny facet of the whole shinny deal, the rest is work, and the hardest part happens before you even land that book deal.   How do I know? I’ve spent hours researching the … Continue reading

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7 Reasons I’m Jealous of a 3 Year Old

Not a day goes by when I’m not insanely proud of my daughter. Yes, that includes all the times when she ignores me, disobeys me, irritates me, frustrates me and makes me want to run away to a dark corner … Continue reading

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Empowered In Black

Nancy huddled deeper into her hoodie and stared out her window. A brisk morning breeze blew dead leave across the gravel road and she could hear the crisp rasp they made even through the glass. Another shiver rolled down her … Continue reading

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With Gilded Wings of Paper

With wings of gilded paper and a scepter of silver graphite I ready myself to take the leap from this world to the next. Terror, cold in my veins and hot in my chest, sends pain shooting down my spine … Continue reading

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Sun Rises

As the sun rises over the crest of fall-blushed hills, I realize that it’s time to put aside the follies of summer and prepare for the renewal of winter. This rings true for both the physical mundane chores and the … Continue reading

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