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Tis the Season

Nothing brings out the kid in me like Halloween. The thrill of spooks and sweets, the rich earthy scent of decay, the savory hints of spice and onion, all these remind me of childhood. We get to dress up and … Continue reading

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13 Types of Paranormal Creatures

My newest WIP deals intimately with all things paranormal, from the lively sport of Rugging (think skateboarding up in the air on doormats) to living stone gargoyles that pepper the sky and always have some history to tell. And of … Continue reading

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Home Game

With less than 15 hours on the clock she’s down by 21,172 words.  She intercepts the pen and raises across the page.  There’s a clear path to the goal and OH NO! Technical Foul due to toddlers happy fingers.  She … Continue reading

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When fingers go postal

Oh the horror!  My hands are revolting against me!  They drop the pen after only a word or two and while typing they constantly go their own way.  Words become gibberish on the pages and my unhappy digits laugh.  They … Continue reading

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Because I’m feeling dark and twisted tonight

I’ve decided to post one of my favorite poems.  I don’t really know why I’m feeling dark tonight, maybe it’s the moon, the fact I’m coming across a very dark and twisted scene in my novel, or because I’m just … Continue reading

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dialogue party!!

A funny thought jumped into my head just as I was contemplating going to bed.  Hosting a Dialogue Party.  One of the best ways to make sure your dialogue works is to read it out loud, right?  Well, how can … Continue reading

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Man, today has been one of those days.  I got more done that I expected, which is also nice.  I can call it a day early and spend some time with my daughter.  I also got one hell of a … Continue reading

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