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The Hunt

October is well underway, which makes me all sorts of warm and tingly. The Hunt is gearing up, the veil is coming down and the world is even more crowded than ever before. I love the way the air thrums … Continue reading

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How To Say Goodbye To Your Child’s Nightmare’s

My little Bella has begun to have nightmare’s. And I’m talking about full-blown, waking up screaming begging for Mommy nightmare’s. Scared me to death the first time I woke up to those terrified screams. That was the fastest I’ve ever … Continue reading

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So it Starts, Again

The most amazing thing happened two days ago. A new, exciting and involved story idea came to me, with the help of my wonderful new boyfriend. The last couple of days have been filled to the max with story development. An … Continue reading

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Birthday and what nots

My daughter turns two years old today. Even though so much time has gone by, I still remember the day she came into the world as though it happened only yesterday.  The birth of a child should be one of … Continue reading

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They grow up so fast

This morning, I had no idea what I would post about.  Should I talk about the editing process, maybe link up to my favorite helpful site on the web?  But what fun would that be, I asked.  Sure I enjoy … Continue reading

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Spring Fever, Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again.  The birds sing us awake every morning and the crickets lull us to sleep at night.  Morning due brushes tender springs of new life and sudden down pours puncture sleepy afternoons.  Fresh sparks of … Continue reading

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