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I know, I’m sorry

Yes, I haven’t stuck to what I said in my last blog post, and I’ve justly reprimanded myself as well as took appropriate disciplinary actions. I have a list of reasons a mile long; however so please don’t hate me too much, … Continue reading

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The road to publication

Yesterday I was asked what steps I’m taking to get published, which, of course got me thinking.  What steps am I taking to get published? What are  the steps to publication? Well, I don’t think there are steps, as in … Continue reading

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Before the Coffee

I’ve decided I’m sick.  Not in regards to my health, but over all, I’m sick.  I jump into work before my morning coffee has a chance to do its magic.  I write this blog while sleep still clouds my mind.  … Continue reading

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Question on an idea

I have an idea I would like to bounce off all my wonderful readers.  (That’s you.) Yesterday’s post, Dear Agent…., got me thinking about, well, Agents.  After I’ve researched them to the point I feel I have enough information, I … Continue reading

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Dear Agent….

Yes, it’s that time in the writing journey to set aside my MS and research Agents.  I’ve done this a thousand times, though I’ve only submitted once, years ago while a freshmen in high school.  And boy was I clueless.  … Continue reading

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