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Throwing in the towel

I give up. Plan and simple. I’m no good at this whole planned blogging thing. In fact, I suck at it. When I plan out a post, put a lot of thought and research into it, I get less readers … Continue reading

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Lets do some math!

75 Hours left until my deadline ends + 45980 words until I reach my goal = 1 very stressed out writer.   AHHHGRAHHGA!!!!!  Yeah, I still don’t feel any better.  *eyeballs coffee pot*  Time to make more coffee and burn … Continue reading

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dialogue party!!

A funny thought jumped into my head just as I was contemplating going to bed.  Hosting a Dialogue Party.  One of the best ways to make sure your dialogue works is to read it out loud, right?  Well, how can … Continue reading

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Man, today has been one of those days.  I got more done that I expected, which is also nice.  I can call it a day early and spend some time with my daughter.  I also got one hell of a … Continue reading

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I should be doing….

Ah, good old blog, how I’ve missed you so.  Wait, no, that’s not right.  I really shouldn’t be on here right now, there are so many things I should be doing.  Like writing.  So why am I on here, writing … Continue reading

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Home again

It’s good to be home.  We’re all moved in and a day sooner than I’d hoped!  The drive was long and full of weather.  Pouring rain and fog thicker than custard marred an other wise beautiful view and the baby … Continue reading

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Author Service Announcement

Is lack of sleep a constant companion? Do you experience bouts of prolonged insomnia? Do you have the jitters accompanied by uncontrollable coffee intake? Do you find yourself seeking solitude more often than normal? Are you having trouble ignoring the … Continue reading

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