With Gilded Wings of Paper

With wings of gilded paper and a scepter of silver graphite I ready myself to take the leap from this world to the next. Terror, cold in my veins and hot in my chest, sends pain shooting down my spine while hope’s light bubble numbs my mind and opens my heart. Just one step and the ground will fall from under me and the abyss of unknown will swallow me whole. Hold me my gilded wings and ward me from myself sweet scepter!

Exhilaration, pure and horrible, as the Winds of Change rush forward to greet me, rush forward to guide me down this path where so many have fallen and failed. Translucent spheres, so delicate so precious, bob around me, the dreams and nightmares of my peers, of my self. I am not alone. Hold me my gilded wings and ward me from myself sweet scepter!

Visions of grander and despair bloom from the darkness. Yet, not a one among them can I reach for mine are always with me. I am not above such, my soul says, while the promises and threats play out before my eyes. Reach and take and make it your own. With a sweaty hand I reach out and the Winds die, plummeting me to certain doom. And I know, as death rears to claim me, that I must find a way to banish the demons who blind me. Hold me my gilded wings and ward me from myself sweet scepter!

With graphite scepter I slay the Devil, the epic battle for my soul, but the damage has been done. I cannot erase this memory, this hope of flying among the stars where so few have gone. Yet the Winds of Change unfurl my broken wings of paper and my scepter has held strong. The land before me is barren, a land of broken dreams. But some how I know all is not lost. And I look forward, to the emptiness, the unknown and let myself soar no longer eager but just as willing. Hold me my gilded wings and ward me from myself sweet scepter!

I cannot deny my dream of dancing in star-dust, even if it’s out of reach. For the first time I look up, not forward or behind but up. A silent tribute to the unreachable. Peace fills and over flows, mending my tattered wings. Oh how I would love to bathe in star light yet, I’d be just as happy with the moon. The Winds of Change gust, lifting me from the land of broken dreams and toward the speckled blackness above. Hold me my gilded wing and ward me from myself sweet scepter!


About adsimons

I'm about to embark on the wonder journey of publishing. Come join me as I struggle to get it right, land an agent and get published. All while raising my daughter alone and fighting just to keep my head over water.
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