Throwing in the towel

I give up. Plan and simple.

I’m no good at this whole planned blogging thing. In fact, I suck at it. When I plan out a post, put a lot of thought and research into it, I get less readers and comments then if I just wing it.

Why is that? Why is it that when I plot out blog posts I get less views than when I free write them? Is it because when people read blogs they want a more intimate feel?

I have no idea. But it’s run true for me. I plan and plot and research and nothing. I write what comes to me and bam there I go.

Does this hold true for my novel and short stories as well? Do I write better when I don’t pay attention to the “rules”? Should I just throw in the towel and let my writing be?



About adsimons

I'm about to embark on the wonder journey of publishing. Come join me as I struggle to get it right, land an agent and get published. All while raising my daughter alone and fighting just to keep my head over water.
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One Response to Throwing in the towel

  1. Nama says:

    well your free writing is awesome

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