Review for Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

The views and opinions expressed in this review are just that, my own views and opinions.

Bleeding Violet

By: Dia Reeves

Let me start off by saying I couldn’t out this novel down. It caught me from the frist word and held me til the end. Her character development was outstanding and the way she used their flaws, and some of them were pretty big, (major mental illness with suicidal tendencies, sex addicted possessed unwilling mother figure), really added depth to the story itself.

Honestly I couldn’t really tell you what the book was about. Part of me wants to say it was about a teen learning to deal with her mental issues while trying to fit into a world that doesn’t make sence and part of me wants to say it was about a spooky town and its population of messed up people. At the moment I’d have lean more towards the first.

While her character development rocked, I wish I could say the same for her world building, but I can’t. I found the setting to be a little convoluted and inconsistent while the idea’s and supernatural element came across as half-baked so to speak. A lot of it felt almost as if it were plucked out of thin air and tossed in with little thought.

This story flaw is easily overshadowed by her captivation action and dialogue. The ending was a bit disappointing because I felt more could have been said and explored. Maybe these issues will be address in her other novel, Slice of Cherry, which takes place in the same town but does not continue the story of Hanna and her mother. Regardless, I personally feel that this book is well worth your time and money.



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