From NC To GA And Moving South

I’ve decided I really don’t like Georgia, at least not so far. No offense to those who love it, but it’s not very RV friendly. I have yet to find a gas station where I can fuel up my rig and not worry about taking out a pump on my way out. Also, the highway signs are lacking pretty badly. I needed to stop outside of Atlanta so I could review the next part of my map; however, there were no signs telling me how close I was getting until I hit Atlanta and then it was too late. What signs I did see where so hidden by the woods that I could not read them at all.

On top of that, I hit this leg of my trip just as the sun was setting through construction and I could not figure out how to turn on my dashboard lights until I was damn near at the place I was going.

I was able to reach my Aunt and Uncles late last night and am safe and sound. The refrigerator stopped working somewhere along the road and my daughter is being a major pain in the butt, but all in all, everything is working out. Trying to get the RV out of here is going to be interesting. Pulling in was a breeze, pulling out on the other hand involves backing up at a strange angle to avoid ditches on both sides and a blind curve. But I don’t need to worry about that for a couple of days anyway.

My trip here was pretty easy as far as the drive goes. I stopped at a small rest stop somewhere in South Carolina and Bells went crazy at just the sight of the restrooms, but a nice attendant tried to help calm her down. It didn’t work but the attempt was greatly appreciated. Then we stopped at the Georgia welcome center and that was a nice time. We had to find our way to the building through a garden maze which was beautiful. And the inside was nice and open so Bella could run around a bit out of the heat.

I just found out that somewhere along the way my food storage flooded, so any food that was not 100% water tight is not trash. Pasta, oat meal, potato’s, everything in the frig and freezer all trash, half my food is ruined.

As we get ready to hit the road for the next leg of the journey Bella decided she wanted to stay behind and pretend she is a cat. I found her huddled deep inside a cat tree.


About adsimons

I'm about to embark on the wonder journey of publishing. Come join me as I struggle to get it right, land an agent and get published. All while raising my daughter alone and fighting just to keep my head over water.
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2 Responses to From NC To GA And Moving South

  1. Haven’t seen an update in a while…how goes the journey?

    • adsimons says:

      The journey came to an unexpected stop when I fell in love with the south. I am now living on the beach and have just recently been able to get on line. The Leaking Quill Blog will be up again as soon as today!

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