What is a blog and why is it important?

An aspiring writer asked this of me this weekend. He was full of doubt that blogs would do any good and believed that blogs were just another online method of bitching to the world how bad life sucked. I get that. It is a great way to blow off steam in a manner that’s safe and relatively free from fall out. However, that’s not what a blog is, not to me. To me, a blog is much more and invaluable to a writer.

First and foremost, the blog is a way to get writers to write. Knowing that they have readers waiting for the next post, eager to hear what they have to say, writers are more likely to do what they do best, write. It’s a great way to exercise our craft and get the juices  flowing.

A blog can excite the muss. When you write a blog, you need to keep the posts fresh. Even the best writers become bores when they go on and on about the same topic. By keeping a blog, you’re forced to come up with new ideas more often than when you write short stories or novels. By exercising the idea maker, your more able to come up with fresh exciting ideas for your writing projects. If you’re stuck in your main writing, drawing up a blog post can kick the block free.

Ego boasts and self validation are two priceless side effects from being a blog writer. You watch your views slowly climb and a sense of awe consumes you. Yes, there are people in the world that do want to hear what you have to say. Every time someone leaves you a glowing comment you know that your writing isn’t the crap you thought it was. This build confidence in your abilities and your other writing reflects as much. Self doubt can kill the writer before they even step out the door, and the blog helps keep that demon at bay.

The blog is also a way into the social networking party. As a writer, social networking is more than a marketing ploy or time killer. It’s a way to cure the ever-present sense of being alone. Writing is a solitary path, one that doesn’t have to be solo, one that shouldn’t be done alone. By reaching out to people through your blog, you find you’re not as alone in the world as you thought. The connection you make through your blog can led to friendships that will prove invaluable.

The blog world is a great place to learn and as writers we must always learn. Where else can you find a new way to cook chicken, the steps involved in installing a new floor, how to create believable scenes in a novel, the best way to occupy a young child on a long road trip, and see the world through others eyes? All without combing the web for likely sites. The knowledge base is like none I’ve ever come across. And the best part is that you can add to this knowledge and people want you to.

I didn’t like the idea of blogging when I first heard of it. Why would I want to read others rambling smut? Why would I want to open my heart online to people I don’t know and will never meet? However, my feelings changed once I found out what a blog really was. And now, I sing its praises at every chance I get. Blogging isn’t about complaining to the world, it’s a way to connect with like-minded individuals that have something to say and want to hear what you have to say. 

So I’ll end this by saying, if you haven’t already, join the party. It’s a long road in life and you don’t have to go in it alone.

Write on writers of the world and blog on bloggers of the web!


About adsimons

I'm about to embark on the wonder journey of publishing. Come join me as I struggle to get it right, land an agent and get published. All while raising my daughter alone and fighting just to keep my head over water.
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6 Responses to What is a blog and why is it important?

  1. A compelling mission statement for us writers/bloggers! I’m still figuring out the social networking portion. While I feel like I’ve created community on my blog, I haven’t joined Facebook or Twitter or anything, so I probably need to investigate growing my readership. I do appreciate how writing about writing helps me arrive at new insights about my own process and what I need to be mindful of as I edit. Blogging has directly translated into a few “ah ha” moments in my novel.

  2. This is so true! I have always been anti-blog (why do I want to folow anyone’s diary entries) and a ‘closet writer’, never sharing anything that I was working on. Starting my own blog forced me to actually share out my works. It creates an energy in me to write something new and hopefully a favorable comment or two will come my way and keep me going!

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  4. Laney says:

    Excellent post. We are on this road together and without our blogs, it would be a much lonelier road to travel. The contacts I have made truly keep me moving forward at times in need and nothing could be more valuable than that as a writer. Good points!

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