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Site Renovations Underway

This blog will be going under renovations in the next couple of day to better reflect my writing, myself and my trip across the country. Please bear with me. Thank you. Advertisements

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Just let go

Some say life is like a roller coaster. I have to disagree. It’s more like a marry-go-round. You have your up’s and down’s while moving in a never-ending pattern. Stay on too long and you’re going to get bored or … Continue reading

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All for one?

Okay, today post is a short one. I just have a quick question for my readers. Should I post all my blog topics on just this one blog? Before you answer, let me just say this, since it affects you … Continue reading

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One step at a time

I am pleased to announce that the carpet is up, finally. The next step is to put down the new floor! I’m so excited I could sing, which is a very scary thought, believe me. I’ve also nearly finished designing … Continue reading

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What is a blog and why is it important?

An aspiring writer asked this of me this weekend. He was full of doubt that blogs would do any good and believed that blogs were just another online method of bitching to the world how bad life sucked. I get … Continue reading

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Temper Untamed

I woke up in a very bad mood. It’s Saturday, which doesn’t help matters any, there was a nasty storm last night that kept me up well beyond my comfort zone, my daughter is being a class A hell raiser. … Continue reading

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The Blog Theme

There are so many topic’s I could write about. The main reason for this blog is to share with you my journey to become published. At the moment this means the frustration I’m going through to edit my finished novel, … Continue reading

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