The Art of Multitasking

My writing revolves around my ability to multitask. There are times when I wish I was able to do this more effectively. It would be wonderful if I could write two stories at the same time.  I don’t mean write one scene for one book and then moving to the new scene in a new book.  I mean writing with both hands on two stories at the same time. Sadly, my right-handed writing resembles the handwriting of a six-year-old. I can think of two stories at the same time so if my double-handed writing was just a little better I would be able to do this. As it is, it’s not. But I’ll keep at it until I can read what I write with my right hand.

Anyway, the ability to multitask is a priceless tool. If you can write a new manuscript while researching the one after it you can get twice as much done. Polishing that finial draft while editing a short story and writing revisions on yet another book would mean you’ll have more out in the query world sooner than otherwise. Learning to do this will also help when you sell a manuscript. It would be easy to go over the type set templates while writing the next book the publisher wants from you.

I wish I could tell you how I do it. But I have no idea. I know my life has played a big part in my learning how. You’re kind of forced to learn how to multitask when you have a toddler at home and no one to help you with her. Below are a few things I do when I’m in multitask mode, maybe they will help you as well.

Multiple folders I can spread out on the desk or table help me keep everything in order as long as each project has its own folder. I can leave them open to the part that needs my attention and jot a few things in each one as I have time.

I’ve also learned to hold two pens in my hand at the same time. I can write with one and edit with the red without taking time to switch pens, I just need to do a little flip and finger wiggle and there I go. This really helps me when I have a new story I need to write and a novel that needs editing. As half my mind weaves the scene the other half picks apart sentence construction on a different project. If my daughter is other wise occupied with her toys I can also research with my free hand.

What things do you use to help you multitask? I’d really like to know because I’m always looking for new ways to get more done in the time I have.


About adsimons

I'm about to embark on the wonder journey of publishing. Come join me as I struggle to get it right, land an agent and get published. All while raising my daughter alone and fighting just to keep my head over water.
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7 Responses to The Art of Multitasking

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  2. What have you figured out on your journey in the world of publishing? I’d be interested in reading about the steps you’re taking and the resources you’ve found. In my own research I have been overwhelmed with the difficulty of getting submitted. It seems most places want you to pay a fee!

    • adsimons says:

      First, let me just say, unless it’s for a contest, or editing service unrelated to getting published or your self publishing, never give them money! Agents shouldn’t charge a reading fee and get paid when you get paid. Publishers pay you not the other way around unless you’re self publishing or using a vanity press.

      That being said, I’ll post about the steps I’m taking towards publishing in the morning (Sunday) ^_^ So stop on by.

  3. Cy says:

    you for got to mention using your toes to play with the baby while you do the rest

    love ya

  4. Honestly? I am a great multitasker in the real world, I can do laundry, make a meal, play with kids and phone my mother all at the same time with no problem but when it comes to writing, I need to get better. I do everything on the computer these days so I will have my blog, my twitter, my facebook, my WIP and my novel that needs editing all open at the same time. I usually also have a little research going on too. But for the most part I really can only hop from one to the next.

    • adsimons says:

      I know what you mean and it drives me crazy. One days I need to do a lot on the computer I really wish I had dueling monitors and double key boards. Unlike my handwriting, I can type fast with each of my hands. If I could set up dueling monitors and keyboards i could punch out two stories on the computer and get twice as much done!

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