Deadlines and Diapers…

…Don’t mix well.

But they have a lot in common, I’ve noticed.  They both smell funny, have a way of sneaking up on you when you’re at your busiest and you really shouldn’t ignore them for long.  They’re messy, stressful and a major challenge.  (You ever try to put a diaper on a toddler who won’t stay still for more than a minute?  Speaking from experience, I’ve had to learn to put them on upside down, back ways, side ways, standing up, sitting down, on the go and while impersonating a gymnast with vertigo and a bad case of the pretzel legs.  Don’t ask.) Awkward…..

Moving on then, we have to our left a beautiful specimen.  My personal favorite, the Uncaring Muse!  As you can see the deadline fast approaches yet the Muse is looking up photographs of silly cats with hats while the writer sweats all over the keyboard.  Absolutely beautiful.

Wait.  Where was I going with this again?

Oh yes, that’s right, deadlines and diapers.  Between all my many writing projects and taking care of my daughter I’ve learned one very important lesson.

Drum roll if you please……

Deadlines and diapers don’t play well together.  In order to accommodate them both, I’ve had to make some altercations, I should say, to my life.  A big one being, I don’t read half as much as I would like to anymore.  I’d rather spend that time catching up on my work.  Also, quick fix meals are my best-est friends in whole widest world!  And ‘me time’ has flown the coup.  Oh, I can’t forget that trivial little thing called sleep.  I think I’ve gotten to sleep myself out twice in the last two plus years.  Maybe.

And that’s just fine with me.

Sure, I’d like to relax in a cozy chair with a book for a few hours.  But the story calls to me in a way that makes me itch for that pencil.

Nothing beats making a good home cooked meal.  But the time I save with the open, heat and eat items out weighs the joy of cooking most of the time.

Who doesn’t require that ‘me time’?  But when I can weave magic on the page, surely the ‘me time’ can wait.

And yes, sleep is a wonderful thing full of dreams and happiness.  Bah!  As I am always telling myself by the light of my midnight oil:  I’ll sleep when I finish this page.  I get enough to function (most of the time) and that’s good enough for me.

So, yes, deadlines and diapers don’t play well together, but with careful time management, lots of coffee and an occasional ‘Grandma Day’ I manage pretty well.

How do you mange your deadlines and diapers? (Or your life equivalent?)


P.S. Grandma, are you free next Thursday?  I’ve got this deadline for the 1st and well, I wrote this blog post instead so…….


About adsimons

I'm about to embark on the wonder journey of publishing. Come join me as I struggle to get it right, land an agent and get published. All while raising my daughter alone and fighting just to keep my head over water.
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2 Responses to Deadlines and Diapers…

  1. LOL – great post! I’m a freak, I work better under deadlines. If I don’t have a deadline breathing down my neck, I find myself in the Angry Birds rabbit hole. Then again, you can’t force the Muse. (I get the mental image of her pouting, arms folded saying, “I am NOT going to tell you anything creative until you take me to Sonic right now.”)

    • adsimons says:

      My muse does the same thing to me, so I trick her by writing that I’ve done what she says she wants before she’ll tell me what to write and it works. Most of the time

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