I think I’m crazy

I’ve come to one of the hardest parts of writing a novel for publication and I’m ready to pull my hair out.  Writing that evil synopsis has to be by far the hardest thing, for me anyway.  I write novels because I’ve never been able to keep the story thin.  Even in elementary school, I’d turn in half-finished story’s at 10 pages.  It drove my teachers mad!  But they encouraged it and now that I’m looking back I wish they hadn’t.  But they meant well.

Now I couldn’t write a short story to save my life and that’s all a synopsis really is.  A short story.  So, as the revisions are coming to a close, I expect to have them done by the first part of next week, I need to get to work on the synopsis.  And I’ll be bald by the time I’m done.

I know what needs to go into the synopsis, I know what I need to leave out and I know how it needs to read.  Those are easy.  I need to write this thing like the novel, and that’s the hard part.  My novel has a split 1st/3rd POV.  Who’s voice should I write the synopsis in?  The man who is telling his story of how he has to overcome his past in order to find his future.  Or the girl who decided to stop running and start fighting back when she learns that everyone she’s ever met has lied to her and kept who she is a secret from her?  And that’s just one issue I’m having.

I really sat down last night to try to work out some outline for this synopsis, playing with each POV.  And both of them come with their own plot but they are so closely connected that the story wouldn’t make any sense without them both, thus the synopsis would fall flat unless they are both in there.  I’ve tried writing the novel in just one POV but when I did, the other plot disappeared rendering the whole novel a confused mess.  Can I write a synopsis in both POV’s or should I write in from an outsiders POV?

Oh and I also have a couple sub plots to add to the mix.  Gah!  I have my work cut out for me.  Any suggestions?


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I'm about to embark on the wonder journey of publishing. Come join me as I struggle to get it right, land an agent and get published. All while raising my daughter alone and fighting just to keep my head over water.
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4 Responses to I think I’m crazy

  1. Wayne E. says:

    Hi! It’s me again. Thanks for giving me the link to this blog. Here’s my advice:

    Don’t write the synopsis from a character’s point of view; write it from YOUR point of view as the storyteller. Does this make sense? You’re telling the story in a nutshell.

    About using multiple POVs: James Patterson does it — well! The parts with Alex Cross are written in first person. Sometimes the parts with the killer are in first person. Everything else is in third person. So, it can be done. Don’t change it.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Pyromancer says:

    It seems like the synopsis should be more of a cliff hanger then a short story. Perhaps enough information from an outside perspective to draw reader inward to the enthralling pages between the cover.
    I like Waynes suggestion of putting it in your voice. If you really feel that a character voice is appropriate then perhaps approaching it from a past or future perspective is better.

    • adsimons says:

      Yeah, I also agree with Wanye. I’ll be writing it from my pov. And yes, a novel synopsis should be more of a cliff hanger as long as it shows how the novel ends. Its like a mini book, a novel pared down into just 2 to 10 pages.

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