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Dear Agent….

Yes, it’s that time in the writing journey to set aside my MS and research Agents.  I’ve done this a thousand times, though I’ve only submitted once, years ago while a freshmen in high school.  And boy was I clueless.  … Continue reading

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Hmm….Do I or Don’t I

I’ve been trying to start my next novel, however, every time I’d start, my mind goes, ‘nah, not this one.’ But, as I was working hard to finish the synopsis, I realized that it’s only the first in a set.  … Continue reading

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Now What?

On my desk sits my printed novel, hefty, crisp, fresh off the printer.  It’s still warm.  A light musty scent wafts from the pages.  My eyes stray to it time and time again and my fingers itch to take it … Continue reading

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And it’s done…

At 9 pm on March 28, 2011. I finished my novel. I’m going to go get sick now.

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Get me off this thing!

Tonight is a big night, one I’ve been waiting for, for the last two years.  I’m two pages away from having a submission ready novel!  My head is spinning faster than preteens on a marry-go-round.  So what am I doing … Continue reading

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But I don’t wanna…

Some day’s it’s harder to write than others.  Yesterday was a great example of that, for me anyway.  My foot killed me, my stomach had other plans, my daughter was being more of a toddler than normal and over all, … Continue reading

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Because I can

I’m pleased to announce the chicken has run its course.  However, I have no idea what to post about.  I’m not really doing anything new with my writing today.  Just line edits and synopsis work.  So, due to the lack … Continue reading

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